CrypGo, Accessibility on the Go!


CrypGo serves as a wallet for the Global-Scale Sustainable Blockchain Fabric ResilientDB. With CrypGo you can easily access your ResilientDB account, and submit and view transactions on the Go!Cryp...

CrypGo serves as a wallet for the Global-Scale Sustainable Blockchain Fabric ResilientDB. With CrypGo you can easily access your ResilientDB account, and submit and view transactions on the Go!

CrypGo Features and Screens:

Page 1: Login Page

The Login Page is a pivotal feature of CrypGo, designed to enhance user experience and security. Users can enter their login information, ensuring their public key remains constant with each login. We think this is a significant improvement over the existing Res-wallet system as it creates a key each time a user creates an ID. This static key approach simplifies the user experience by eliminating the need to track changing keys, thus reducing potential confusion and enhancing security. Our focus here is on creating an intuitive and secure login process that aligns with the best practices of user interface and experience design.

Page 2: Registration Page

The Registration Page marks the beginning of a user’s journey with CrypGo. It’s here where users set up their accounts by choosing a username and password. A unique public key is generated during registration, linked to the user’s login information. This key is crucial for user identification and transaction validation within the ResilientDB blockchain. We aim to make this process as streamlined and user-friendly as possible, ensuring that even those new to blockchain technology can easily navigate through the setup. This page is designed to be straightforward yet secure, prioritizing ease of use while maintaining rigorous data security standards.

Page 3: Dashboard

The Dashboard serves as the central hub of the CrypGo app, listing all features and functionalities. It includes user-centric buttons like “Get All Transactions” and “Set Transactions,” which lead to detailed transaction pages. The design of the Home Page emphasizes ease of navigation, allowing users to access various functionalities of the app effortlessly. The integration of these features is aimed at providing a comprehensive overview of the app’s capabilities, enhancing the user experience. Our goal is to ensure that this page is not only aesthetically pleasing but also intuitive, enabling users to utilize the app’s full potential with minimal effort.

Page 4: Get All Transactions

The ‘Get All Transactions’ page is a critical component of CrypGo, offering users a detailed view of their transaction history. This includes information on the amount, date, and time of each transaction. Users can interact with this page by selecting specific transactions for more detailed views or updating them as required. This feature is designed to provide a transparent and comprehensive record of users’ blockchain activities, enhancing their understanding and control over their digital assets. The interface is planned to be user-friendly, ensuring that even those unfamiliar with blockchain technology can easily navigate and understand their transaction history.

Page 5: Set Transactions

The ‘Set Transactions’ page allows users to initiate new transactions within the ResilientDB blockchain network. Here, users can input the transaction amount and submit it for processing. This feature is integral to the app, empowering users to engage with the blockchain actively. Our focus is on ensuring this process is intuitive, fast, and secure, catering to the needs of both seasoned blockchain users and newcomers. The page will be designed to provide clear instructions and feedback, ensuring a smooth transaction process. This includes error handling and confirmations to enhance user confidence and satisfaction with every transaction.

Page 6: Update Transactions

On the ‘Update Transactions’ page, users can modify existing transactions, a feature that adds flexibility and control over their digital assets. This process generates a new public key for the updated transaction, ensuring security and traceability. The design of this page is centered around user convenience and clarity, providing an easy-to-navigate interface for updating transaction details. It’s a testament to our commitment to offering a dynamic and adaptable platform that responds to the evolving needs of our users. By allowing transaction updates, we ensure that CrypGo remains a versatile and user-centric tool in the rapidly changing landscape of digital transactions.

Page 7: Get Transactions

The ‘Get Transactions’ page is dedicated to providing detailed information on individual transactions. Users can view key details such as Transaction ID, Amount, and Time created. This functionality is crucial for users who need to closely monitor and analyze specific transactions for various purposes, including auditing, reporting, or simply keeping track of their digital asset movements. The design of this page focuses on clarity and ease of access, presenting information in a user-friendly format. By offering a granular view of transactions, CrypGo empowers users with the information they need to make informed decisions regarding their digital assets.


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How does CrypGo work?

CrypGo is directly connected to the Python SDK which is connected to the Crow HTTPS server which communicates with ResilientDB. Our Application runs similar to how ResVault works.

Running the Application

Installing and Setting Up the Expo Go App

Install the Expo Go App from the App Store. Expo Go is an application for iOS and Android that allows developers to quickly preview and test React Native apps on mobile devices during development. It connects with the Expo CLI to load up projects instantly, streamlining the development process by enabling live coding and debugging directly on a smartphone or tablet.

Running the App - CrypGo

Installing and Setting Up Xcode

  1. Navigate and Download Xcode on the App Store on your iOS laptop devices.
  2. Download the required packages for your designated mobile and laptop.

Creating a New ReactNative Project

  1. Fork from our repository and then run the following command on an IDE:
    npm install

    The command used in the Node.js environment to install packages from the Node Package Manager (npm) registry. It reads the package.json file in the current directory to automatically install all the dependencies listed there, allowing developers to easily manage and share packages across different projects.

  2. Navigate to the Frontend file using this command:
    cd Frontend/

Running the Expo Simulator App

  1. Simply type this command:
    npx expo start
  2. Since we are an iOS app, select “i”:

    You are now all set to use the CrypGo App. With the CrypGo App now installed, you’re ready to embark on a seamless cryptocurrency tracking experience.


In conclusion, CrypGo presents a user-friendly gateway to ResilientDB, revolutionizing the management of user transactions at the tip of their fingers. With seamless account creation and secure login procedures, CrypGo empowers users to engage effortlessly with ResilientDB. Detailed transaction logging keeps everything transparent, helping users easily monitor their accounts. This mobile app marks a significant step towards accessibility, security, and convenience addition to the ResilientDB network. Looking forward, CrypGo aims to further enhance user experience, through the addition of a settings screen, and metadata to the SDK.

Future Work

  • Add more functions to check balance and view received transactions.
  • Adding metadata to each transaction such as time, date and name of transactions.
  • Adding user customisation to the mobile app such as the Settings page, and theme changes and making it more user-friendly
  • Improving the design implementations of the mobile application
  • Making a web application for CrypGo !!